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Blag Dhalia/The Dwarves – “Trumpovu ženu i kćer treba po….t samo da bi ih posramili”

Ulovili smo ludog frontmena američke noćne punk rock more Blaga Dhaliu prije koncerta u četvrtak 22. 02. u zagrebačkom Vintage Industrial Baru gdje će uz benda Nicka Oliverija te ruske Svetlanas napraviti punk rock dernek godine. Bar tako obećaju. Ne propustite urnebes. I čitajte engleski.

* Second time in Croatia. How about few lines of memories on the first trip here on the open air festival 2008. if I remember right…

Croatia is full of gorgeous women, great food and Croatians!  We like it!

* American punk rock nightmare didn`t loose the sharpness nor edge during the years. Is America still good inspiration for circling around dope, sex, minors and guns…

Every day in America new and interesting things happen.  School shootings, dancing flash mobs and electing a Russian agent to be president.  It’s nothing but laughs!

* Have you ever felt sorry for not making huge money and sellout like a Green Day and similar melodic punk bands or the DIY underground attitude is better?

Yes!  We like huge money, although if we had to be as boring as Green Day to do it, we wouldn’t bother.  When we get to Croatia, just throw money at us and it will all be OK!

* Few introduction lines from author`s perspective on new album…

“Take Back the Night” is getting a great response.  Mixing straightforward punk and garage rock Blag and Nick Oliveri trade vocals for a more chaotic live sounding record.  Production by Blag and Andy Now sounds heavy and listenable while retaining the Dwarves signature snarl.  The cover features a scene of dope, violence and racial diversity, what more could you ask for?

* Any memories on your shortest gig and funniest gig of all? Was there a time when pogo was so violent you couldn`t put it under control?

We played the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and look how that turned out.

* What about the videos and that kind of work? Too explicit for YouTube or?

We just made a cool new video for the song “Devil’s Level” that will be out soon.  Featuring Ehren Danger from Jackass it explores the gentler side of eye gouging, eye slitting and eye melting.  Look for it on YouTube soon where sex is bad, but violence is OK.  Also, a dirty version with fetish models Szandora and Malice on Vimeo!

* How long can it last more? Have you ever felt tired like “fuck, we`re too old for that shit” or is it still fun going on school road tripping?

We’re not too old, our fans are too young.  We can do this until we drop dead or actually get paid for it, whichever comes first.

* Dwarves online? Did you change the way discography changed? How do you cope with new distribution deals because you remeber the LP and CD times which are gone by far now. Or?

www.thedwarves.com has all the cool new Dwarves stuff.  Buy your vinyl, cds, tshirts, skate decks and more direct from us and get them signed!We are technically challenged, but still put tits on Instagram.

* How about America those days? Trump must be a huge inspiration for all kind of shit…

His wife and daughter are worth fucking, if only to embarrass them.

* And what the audience may expect in Zagreb? Will Oliveri play with you as the Dwarves member? * Any dick showing off or just non rude and non volent appeal…

Nick Oliveri will be there, as will his band Death Electric.  Dwarves will shock and awe Zagreb with rock & roll like you’ve never seen before.  Come on down!

(Anđelo Jurkas)