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Umro je Conway Savage: Klavijaturist Bad Seedsa i kultni glazbenik, prijatelj Nicka Cavea

Pijanist Conway Savage bliski suradnik Nicka Cavea & član The Bad Seeds skoro 30 godina preminuo je 02. rujna u 58. oj godini od posljedica tumora na mozgu, dijagnosticiranog prije godinu dana.

Članovi Bad Seedsa su napisali dirljivu oproštajnu poruku koju prenosimo u originalu i cijelosti.

“Our beloved Conway passed away on Sunday evening. A member of Bad Seeds for nearly thirty years, Conway was the anarchic thread that ran through the band’s live performances… Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds He was much loved by everyone, band members and fans alike. Irascible, funny, terrifying, sentimental, warm-hearted, gentle, acerbic, honest, genuine – he was all of these things and quite literally ‘had the gift of a golden voice,’ high and sweet and drenched in soul.” Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds On a drunken night, at four in the morning, in a hotel bar in Cologne, Conway sat at the piano and sang Streets of Laredo to us, in his sweet, melancholy style and stopped the world for a moment. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Goodbye Conway, there isn’t a dry eye in the house.”