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FKA Twigs feat Future: Holy Terrain – Drugačija, zanimljiva, fantastična i inspirirana Madonninim “Frozen”

First listen: watching the choreography and visuals.

Second time: listening to the lyrics. When the honeymoon period is over and her lover has her heart and body will he still give her the same level of devotion and effort he put into pursuing her in the first place. Talk is cheap actions speak louder than words. She needs someone who wants her in the good and bad times. Her “holy terrain” the very deep part of her her soul, her heart the very essence of her is sacred and she needs someone who respects it and is willing to be part of it and values her. She’s learnt from the past she’s not doing that again.

Third time: analysing the imagery. Just my view. It all represents the different sides of her first he lover needs to embrace. The smoking dancing she is a girl who who can hang, flirt and be chill be a badass. Her red and blue eyes- she can be hot and cold. Spiritual with the headdress it gives her a saintly look.

She’s Complex, changeable especially as an artist. She has many deep thought and intellectual she’s more than the fame and physical. Riding the bull- symbol of masculinity, sexuality she’s sexually knowledgable and radiant and comfortable in her skin and as herself she will not apologise for that. The dance break well she is a dancer but also it makes it more inclusive she isn’t just singing for herself but as a general experience women this is what every woman wants. Her crawling on the floor.

It looks almost animalistic there are parts of her that he will never understand. Mysterious, dangerous, highly sensitive if crossed etc.

The most amazing, and respectable thing about FKA Twigs is that no matter how famous she becomes or how many times she collaborates with other big artists she always remains herself.

I was afraid she’d change her ways on this song. But nope, she keeps her unique and dark mystique character alive every step of the way even when the song has a different vibe outside her zone of genre and style . I’ve been a fan before she was even signe and “Ouch Ouch”, and it’s amazing how she just stays consistent with her work.

She’s different but an amazing artist that works her ass off. 1 year of hard work pole dancing just to shoot one video for “Cellophane” and shooting a music video for Apple “Homepod” while having a hard time with tumor removal surgery and having surgical stitches risking it all just to do what she loves. Her thirst for art is amazing, respect twigs, this Twigster can’t wait to see you on tour. (Odile Jones)