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Green Day: Oh Yeah – When pop punkers start sampling, it sounds like someone`s cheating

“We’re throwing a party at the apocalypse and you and your 5 seconds of fame are invited. BTW we sampled a song from the great Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation album. One of the writers on that song is a total asshole so we’re donating our royalties from this song to IJM and RAINN…” Green Day said regarding their new single and video. And the old fans are not as thrilled as they are supposed to be. Looks like they prefer the old sound. 

They’re trying really hard to be on the next FIFA soundtrack. Possibly, but I like those soulfull choirs and everybody’s hating on Green Day for changing their style for this album, yet a couple years ago all the haters were hating on them for not changing. Or maybe they’re just cashing in on this last contractually obligated release before they go independent, it’s a fun silly filler album until the next Revolution Radio or 21CBD. Either way, move along Billie Joe, Tre and Mike, give us more punk soul. (Dave Collstop)