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Nova verzija “We Are The World” 2020: Glazbeni svijet se pokušava boriti protiv COVID-a 19

In 2018 we recorded the remake of “We are the World” together with YouTube Music and 33 artists at the legendary Capitol Studios at Studio A in Los Angeles. It was a very special feeling for everyone. We wanted to show that the online world stands together for something special.

None of us would have thought that exactly this song would be so important again 15 months later.

The Covid-19 has reached us. We all have to stay at home. We all have to limit ourselves to prevent bad things happening and to save lives.

Because of this we have decided to show solidarity with all the artists + Allie Sherlock from 2018!

Donate here: http://www.Channel-Aid.org Note: All benefits from the YouTube Monetization & Streaming Platforms go into Charity!