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Steve O. otvoreno o svojim ovisnostima o drogi i alkoholu: Oprez za mlađe od 18 godina

Hello! This is Stephen Glover aka Steve-O.

You probably know me from my wild stunts, epic pranks, and hilarious skits. Welcome to my YouTube Channel! This is a space where I’ve decided to share what I’m up to! Whether it be continuing to prank my friends, traveling the world, and trying crazy things, I hope you’ll follow me on this journey! If you love skateboarding, comedy, and funny and epic stunts, subscribe to my channel and check out all my awesome videos!

It’s no secret that I’m an alcoholic drug addict who has been clean and sober since my Jackass buddies organized an intervention on me, but I’ve never told the story of the interventions which came before that and, obviously, failed. It’s definitely a tragic video, but it’s nice to know that things worked out pretty well (so far, at least) after it…