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Black Thought: Thought Vs. Everybody – Rap legend on Black Lives Matter

Meaningful, impactful, necessary, and unapologetic. Black Thought is… Glad they shot a video for this.
He’s been saying that he’s the best for quite a while. He’s calling everybody on this track and no one has dared to respond. He is the GOAT. No one has spits dense bars every time they touch a mic like thought. His live performance is 2nd to none. The Roots have the have the best band around with the GOAT on the mic. Salute to what they have accomplished. Speaking the truth. As a white man I feel horrible for the injustices that happened to the men and women of color. And still happening. Just know that not all whites were part of those atrocities and allot of us have your back in changing things today for the better. Stay strong and NEVER give up the fight for equality and justice.
It’s sad when someone makes music like this and it goes over the peoples head. We live so comfortably in our bubbles to the point REALNESS is over looked and down play but the clown shit is promoted and glorified. We ALL will die but how you live morally, ethically, and spiritually is more valuable than we can understand. It’s the little things.  (Cory Corano)