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The Rolling Stones featuring Paul Mescal: Scarlet – Drunken funky blues as outtake from “Goats Head Soup” era

Time is on the Stones’s side. Gotta keep on rollin’, and they still do it better than today’s so-called “musicians.”

Loved “Living in a Ghost Town,” “Criss Cross,” “Doom and Gloom,” and “Scarlet”; as all the outtakes from the deluxe edition of their reiisue “Goats Head Soup”.

The Stones are at their best, they sound very fresh even today, although song is almost 50 years old and they know how to get old with dignity, especially MJ who is also exceptional at marketing.

The video is also fine, do it yourself verion of the drunken night after the broken heart, portreted by hot hot Paul Mescal, looks like a pretty sure bet not only for a Stones fans. (Nick Dryden)