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Beyonce, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer: Already – Black is The King, Black is The Queen

Those saying she’s not African, kindly take a seat please, she is black and she identifies as an African American (which she actually is because there was no black person in America originally, her ancestors were shipped to the States and the Caribbean’s or do you think Black Americans don’t have roots in Africa? Let’s be serious now) so what’s your problem?

Being African doesn’t mean you stayed in Africa, Don’t act ignorant.

We Africans aren’t complaining so who are you to speak for us. Kindly take several seats. And if people don’t want to watch it then that’s on them. The fact that she was born and raised in America doesn’t make her less African.

There’s no cultural appropriation going on because she’s one of us so if she makes money of her own culture where’s the problem? My Ghanaian culture is amazing 🇬🇭♥️, and so is any other African culture and we are here for it.

This is new tune from “Black Is King”, a little weak production, typical Major Lazer, but better something then nothing when Beyonce is the matter of fact, aint it? (Karen Love)