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FKA Twigs: Sad Day – Strange but true

Her and her lover both worn out and tired, already in “pursuit” of each other. The apprehension in the approach. Sparring, dueling, and somewhat having fun while running through the city. Him running and distancing himself from her. But ultimately coming down to the fatal blow.

The moment when she stabs him and he splits her in half along with the lyrics playing at that moment.

I can imagine a world when my arms are embraced around you I lie naked and pure

With intentions to clench you and take you

The city howls with a cry to seduce you

And claim you

So its time

And its a sad day for sure

That feeling of ending a long-term relationship where your ex is someone you held so close to your heart but you’ve grown apart.

Trying to make it work, chasing each other, chasing the effortless happy moments that used to be. The feeling of inevitably but heartbreak from both of you when you know you have to move on. Ugh she was literally split in half writing this album; physically with her cysts and emotionally with the breakup. While he was pierced but not broken, even if she tried. And her mind. And this could be a snapshot of a single fight… or an allegory for the entire relationship, and the beginning of new rocky relationship with how it restarts with Twigs in the seat at the end. Who knows. I love her making me think about it. (Kiara Love)