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Run The Jewels feat 2 Chainz: Out Of Sight – Hilariously clever rap guys

Hilariously clever guys.
Since we are about the same age I can only aspire to be as creative and relevant in my middle age life. You do it for a nation/world while my target is simply my little girl.
That is the cool thing about RTJ though, it’s not just a group or music, you are people, husbands, fathers, family. Much respect.
This track is more than funky enough. The “Colder than your baby mama heart…” bar always puts a smile on the face, one of the funniest bars I’ve heard in a hot minute. I’m amazed at how long El-P managed to stay “underground” considering he’s by far one of the best producers of our time.
Him and a legend like Killer Mike together is just insane. (Tracy Dories)