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Of Monster And Men: Visitor – Let`s copy Arcade Fire, a complete copy

Well, there will always be copycats in every part of the pop culture and music. Once you have Nirvana you will get The Bush. Once you have Pearl Jam you will get Stone Temple Pilots. Or Nickelback and Creed, God help us. Once you have Radiohead you will get The Muse. And so on. After Arcade Fire burst we got Of Monster And Men, a mainstream and more commercial verion of the real artists. So, after true inventors you get the ones that try to copy and repeat the success formula. This time the song is called “Creature Comfort” :). Imagine how many people are listening to this song at the same time. And now see how many of them are capable to admit what they are listening is a fluke. But very well and high produced fluke. (Andrea Smithens)