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Tricky: Fall To Pieces – Death of his daughter has got the sound of the ultimate darkness (full album stream)

Dark obsessions of the Madchesters and Bristols trip hop pioneer Tricky are back on his 14th album.

Possibly the best after the eponymous debut “Maxinquaye” when he made a statement coming out of the Massive Attack shadow as one of the most compelling and interesting young British artists. The atmosphere and the dark music clouds high above over his music made him pretty attractive for the despressionists all over the world.

Nowdays he`s back.

New album is underlined with “Strugglin” if you might remember the tune. It contains some of the most touchy, dark and moving music that Tricky has produced since that debut album, and it was produced in the shadow of tragedy as Trickys daughter Mazy died in 2019 during the process of making new music. Trickys complete new album is a half on hour of pain, grieving, loss, magic and blues.

Getting over this pain Tricky is trying to proceed with his new vocal partner Marta Złakowska whose voice is the reminder of the Martina Topley Bird and her role on his debut album.

As this review is written for Croatian pop cultural and music web magazine you might find yourself surprised when hearing he sampled a Croatian trash artist Đuka Čaić in the song “Running Off”. Fortunatelly you will not be able to recognize the original. (Serena Obligate)