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Idles: Ultra Mono – Album of the year (full streaming)

Brutalism cast desperation, Joy as an act of resistence is a act of angerness and Ultra Mono it´s a return to Brutalism feelings anxiety. It´s the feeling that transpires all the way back to your ears. One moment it sounds like an overwrought version of the Buzzcocks and the next one as Sex Pistols if they were ever truly great punk band, but as we know they were just a boy band from Sex shop of Malcom McLaren`s sidekick Mrs. Westwood. Idles are improved version of the punk rock blast and tha raw raw energy bomb.

It’s mad how this band keeps improving every time. The production quality feels crisper yet none of the band’s raw energy is lost. Frontmen Joe Talbots singing even sounds more melodic but still powerful and angry and the way he maskes noises and imitates the sounds from the enviroment - it`s so much fun. Truly one of the most important bands in the UK right now. Amazing songs.

I suspect the British music video industry is trying to kill bands momentum. In the eighties the UK music vids were trail blazers. The best of the best. It’s like modern directors go out of thier way to make unwatchable vids. French cinemaitis. I’m probably overthinking it with cheap arsed labels paying pennies for vids but imagine being this band and having these video costs taken out of your future royalties minus your advance. No wonder most bands stay in debt for the remainder of their contracts. Have you seen how cool this band is playing live? And you want to have almost no footage of these maniacs in your vids? If these vids are the bands concepts then that’s on the labels. Musicians hit things and go bang. Stick to what you are good at. Imma get my life together instead of punching that wall. (Irene Trocking)