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Miley Cyrus: Heart Of Glass – Beautiful Blondie classic cover

Live from the iHeartRadio Music Festival global pop star Miley Cyrus stripped down the cult Blondie classic “Heart Of Glass” performing just as Debbie Harry would if she was this age today. Veeeeerry sexy and astonishing.

This woman evolves into new levels of incredible. At the begging of her career, it was hard to care for her first few albums. Then came BANGERZ, and she created a pop classic. There’s disposable pop, and then there’s BANGERZ, pop that created something new and groundbreaking in the pop genre. “Dead Prez” came out after and I was convinced she was a respectable artist. “She is coming” was friken amazing pop music again. Miley Cyrus has shown that sometimes the music industry gets talent artist and destroy their talent and washes them of it with their agenda. She has came and evolved into her own and the product of that is the masterpieces she has been given us by being her genuine self and releasing her raw talent.

While promoting her new studio materials and single “Midnight Sky” she found time to keep covering some of the tracks that you might very easily connect with her music style and approach these days. Enjoy this one.