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Taylor Swift: Tolerate It/Evermore/Coney Island (out of “Evermore”) – World Pop Star Intimacies

From a global pop superstar to the intimacy darling. Taylor Swift just relesed second album at the end of this year. It is called “Evermore” and it follows up a “Folklore” which made her surprise a lot of her audience.

They were not used on such a stripping down tactics. This time she keeps it even more under your skin. With the help of Bon Iver and National and people described as the darkest pop corners – Taylor showed us her much more gentle and downtempo side. And she did it well. Very very very touchy and well.

Her new album has a damn much to enjoy. It`s her ninth studio album and the media will call it a sister album to the “Folklore” released five months ago.

Both being surprise albums announced on social media only few hours before release and it made fans even more thrilled. Taylor digs deep down under her skin and she tries so hard to prove there is much more under the pop bizz spotlight.

This year she made it pretty obvious twice. (Sarah Cuddly)