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Duran Duran: Five Years – David Bowie cover made with “handle with care” technology

This is the history of Duran Duran letting us know how much they respect David Bowie.

1980 Sufragette City (w/Hazel o’Connor)

1981 Fame (Careless Memories b-side)

1993 TVC-15 at the end of Hungry Like the Wolf (MTV Unplugged)

1995 Diamond Dogs (Thank You bonus)

1995 Rebel Rebel (live)

2010 Boys Keep Swinging

2012 Starman (live)

2016 Planet Earth/Space Oddity (live)

2017 Simon singing Let’s Dance (Celebrating David Bowie’s 70)

2021 Five Years

This time they didnt made mistakes as they were collected on their tribute album "Thank You" which was pretty "out of tune" and time also. The critics didnt love it and the public listened to the critics that time. “Five years” is a pretty good cover up. Simon sounds like he’s singing on a cranked AM radio in between them, but its better then to try to sound like Bowie. (Christine Amantic)