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Machine Gun Kelly: Downfalls High – Boring as f…k musical by the male version of Avril Lavigne

Machine Gun Kelly is one of the mediocre products of commerial American musicians, some kinda Nickelback version for ex rappers and wannabe punkers.

Something that uncritical mass of ex MTV consumers will suck and buy as the tattooed punk voice of young America.

In fact he is just a male version of Avril Lavigne.

Now he has got a new “film” or musical signed by Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun. It is a bunch of melodic punk videos in which he are trying to sound as Blink 182 would if they were still alive. Travis Barker on drums sure helps in that mission.

Some kind of teenage problems and troubles are underlined but it looks so boring, pathetic and packed for a consumers that you just can not believe who needs that type of trash these days, (Claire Soire)