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J.I.D.: Skegee – Fine new rap lyrics and painting verbal pictures

“Elbow rubs and handshakes from hands that tied ropes on necks in red states” JID’s ability to effortlessly create such imagery and paint a picture while diving into the depths of a subject is almost second to none. He was made for this. 

“Put coke inside the weed, them niggas seasoning the greens”. At surface level, J.I.D. appears to be likening the lacing of weed with cocaine to that of using salt, or possibly even sugar (depending on preference), as a seasoning for one’s greens. However, as a certified lyrologist, had to dig deeper. As we know from an earlier bar, these individuals are known to drink lean in addition to lacing their marijuana. In order to make lean, an individual must purchase cough syrup. The most common place to get cough syrup is at a local pharmacy, so it is fair to assume that these individuals take routine trips to either fill a prescription (containing codeine) or purchase one of the many OTC cough syrups available containing dextromethorphan (DXM). Remember, these same individuals going to pick up their cough syrup have cocaine in their system. Cocaine has been shown in studies to be one of the most common causes of drug and toxin associated seizures.

Therefore, not only is J.I.D. saying that these men are lacing weed with coke like seasoning the greens, he is simultaneously spitting the alternative bar, “putting coke inside the weed, these niggas seizing in the ‘greens”, referring to the increased likelihood of having a seizure while at their local Walgreens shopping for cough syrup.

“You can shoot a million J’s and probably never be Jordan”. Damn. This is why it’s important to be yourself and not be someone else you’re not. There is a HUGE difference between being influenced and being taught. JID is a poet that can articulate flows and rhythms to make it sound pleasing, but still drop reality to the story. (Own S/Nikolas Kraut)