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Wolf Alice: Last Man On The Earth – Nice and easy does it

Be forever grateful to the trailer for Transpotting 2 for discovering Wolf Alice. You have started listening to Silk, Your Loves Whore, Giant Peach, Bros and other wonderful classics on repeat until You have decided You needed more.

So You went through all Wolf Alice music and man were you completely absorbed by it.  When You close your eyes listening to their music You feel like in space, a type of feeling You have experienced only with the sorts of Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Ellie’s both soft and cutting voice along with the majestic instrumental have helped you so much in some of your darkest periods in the last years.

The days in which that absolute masterpiece of Visions of a Life came out I was thinking of leaving my university studies due to bad grades and because I wasn’t able to make new friends, and I had also just gone through a breakup. Well, Yuk Foo shook me up, Sadboy destroyed me, Visions of a Life built me up again. After that things went much better, I never left my studies and now I can safely say I am happy with my life (pandemic aside). 

The new song is more then I dared to expect. Brilliant. (Alice Darling)