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Run The Jewels/Pharrell Williams/Zack De La Rocha: Just – Another brilliant rap classic live version

Here is the new live reindition. They unleash Zack DeLaRocha like the Crackin, only when he’s needed and when all else has failed.

Forms of slavery the United States is still sustained by:

Chattel Slavery (abolished)

Prison Slavery

Overseas Chattel Slavery (not abolished still allowed to profit off of it)

Overseas Child Labor Overseas Sweat shop labor Wage Slavery.

This song is so clear and concise right now that you’d think it was written after the pandemic and George Floyd, but nope – This BS has been going on since 1776. Mastered animation, ’cause this video is fire. There’s so much one has to digest here. Strong imagery underlining a strong message. Can they just make Zack de la Rocha the third official member of RTJ?

The genius of Winston Hacking – recognized his work immediately from Andy Shauf’s “The Magician”. “Stay strapped” (Shows a gun made of cellphones)…..it’s rare to see a music video that has imagery and symbolism that matches the brilliance of the song itself. My hat’s off to Winston Hacking. Gotta love the Monty Python Terry Gilliam aesthetic/art direction, also this might be the best song Run The Jewels has made. Absolute genius. “So now I’m rollin’ down Rodeo with a latté” :). (Darling Buds)