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Egypt: Nema droge ni groupiesica na turneji, prestari smo za ta sranja

U Zagreb ponovo dolaze teški riff gitaristi Egypt iz Sjeverne Dakote, pa smo kraće izbrifani od strane gitarista Neila Steina o situaciji benda ovih dana. Stoner rock je markacija, Vintage Industrial Bar mjesto sastanka, a furamo poliglotizam tako da nema prevađanja, engleski je univerzalizam. Pa makar i balkanska varijnata.

* Why Egypt? Childhood fascination with the teritory or any adult reasons? Some kinda tribute or so…

There’s a lot of cool ancient, mysterious mythology associated with the name. The band name and the song Valley of the Kings were inspired by that. Also, when the band was named, there were no expectations or aspirations of playing outside of Fargo. It was either that or Vietnam.

 * Stoner rock situation at the global music scene nowdays. Better or worse since the Kyuss “Sky Valley” times? And why…

Stoner rock, or whatever you want to call it, is more established and widespread than back when Sky Valley came out. There’s more of an audience for it, so that’s cool.

 * Who are the major influences at your music? And the ones to blame you have started making that loud guitar sounds?

Obviously Black Sabbath. Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Fu Manchu, Melvins… Tons of stuff. I could list a thousand bands that have influenced us. We have a lot of influences outside of the typical rock bands that you would expect, too.

 * What is the status of the Egypt at the music global scene? Are you capable of making living of your music?

We all have full time jobs to survive. We do this because we love it, but we don’t make a living from it.

* Tell us about the touring. Are there still old school rules about sex drugs and rock n roll and groupies or the 21th Century has evolved into something else…

There aren’t any groupies or drugs on tour. We’re too old for that shit and we’re not trying to live out some kind of Motley Crue fantasy.

 * Please if you may introduce us from authors standpoint to your music and albums so far?

There’s the first four song demo that has been reissued several times. That’s what got the band some recognition. The second record is Become The Sun which marked the return of the band after several years of inactivity. That was followed by a split LP called Cyclopean Riffs with the band Wo Fat from Texas on one side and us on the other side. Endless Flight was released at the end of 2015. Our latest record is called Cracks and Lines.

 * Future plans for the band?

Hopefully to just keep writing and recording and playing more shows.

 * And your days in Croatia? Any particular impressions…

The last time we were in Croatia was a lot of fun and the audience was enthusiastic. Hopefully we can have as much fun this time as last time.  (JA)