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Izložba Arnie Meets Transformers: Danilo Baletić osvaja svijet reciklažnim artom

(info čitateljima: u svrhu internacionalizacije magazina neke tekstove osim na hrvatskom, objavljujemo na srpskom ili engleskom jeziku, njegujući multikulturalnost i u jezičnom smislu i poštujući činjenicu engleskog kao jednog od najrasprostranjenijih svjetskih jezika)

As of the End of September the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Thal is proud to announce a new temporary addition of artpieces to its permanent exhibition featuring one of the most popular Austrians of all time. The warlike Transformers Art sculptures of the Montenegrin artist Danilo Baletić are currently towering up in the museum’s garden, whose powerful, strong and imperturbable figures reach a height of up to 8 meters. The breathtaking constructed art pieces are made out of metallic waste, which show and remind the viewer of the importance of environmental awareness and recycling.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an admirer of the exhibition. He greatly enjoys that the robotic fighting machines are displayed in Thal, as their approach to sustainability corresponds with his endeavours towards climate and environmental protection. Until just a few days ago the Transformers sculptures of the Baha Fine Art Gallery in Vienna had been exhibited at the Technical Museum of Milan (Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci”), which is the biggest museum for science and technology in Italy and is regarded as one of the most important technological museums worldwide. In less than two months a record of more than 96.000 visitors was reached. The media attention throughout the whole exhibition was enormous. According to the director, the exhibition has been one of the most popular ones for over ten years. As Transformers
Art evokes particular attention by leading to discussions about sustainability and recycling, the exhibition itself was a unique opportunity to offer its visitors a completely new and intensive experience to deal with the above mentioned topics.

By displaying recycled material, visitors are encouraged to actively engage in the creative process of recycling themselves, therefore Transformers Art can actually contribute to the changing of society from a wasteful to a sustainable way of life. It shall warn against the scenario of a full mechanical takeover, in which human beings may soon only function as marionettes in the foreseeable future.



After the exhibition in Milan and the exhibition in Thal, a tour through european capitals is planned, as well as a detour to America.
Christian Baha is promoting Baletićs project with the deep conviction that both environmental education, as well as the promotion of the subject sustainability and its improvement are of vital importance.

Transformers Art made out of junk In order to rescue our planet the afore mentioned recycling of waste is particularly important. According to the artist Baletić the substantial idea of recycling is the process of transformation. In waste we can recognize the overall condition of a country, such as
the attitude towards comfort, consumption and social values. The concept of Danilos project is the idea to revitalize waste. Through the usage of junk-pieces, such as cars, the Transformes figures are becoming allegories for recycling as a transformation of seemingly valueless materials into art.
Transformers Art shall also help to understand, how objects and materials can be given a new value and how the wastage of our precious natural resources can be avoided.

The artist Danilo Baletić.

The 1992 in Titograd born artist Baletić is currently a student at the Faculty of Arts at the UDG (University of Donja Gorica). As a Balkan- and European champion in karate and a fan of comics and Counter-Strike he developed interest in figures that transformed from cars into warriors. In the year of 2012 Danilo created his first Transformers Art statue out of metal waste, nine more enormous robots were added to his oeuvre throughout the years. Amongst them there is „Megatron“, the currently highest sculpture worldwide built by an contemporary artist.