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Supersuckers (Eddie Spaghetti): “It’s been a crazy ride for sure. Mostly miserable but some fun in there too…”

Prije povratka na zagrebačke pozornice kratko smo popričali s kultnim frontmenom jednog od najboljih rock and roll bendova Amerike – The Supersuckers, Eddiejem Spaghettijem o novom albumu i planovima benda za daljnji rock and roll.

* Any new Supersuckers materials album on a horizon or just a tour?
Yes, we have a new record coming out this Summer. It’s called Suck It and it is AMAZING. 
* Why Drivin n Crying at the road trip? 
Driving N Crying is another band. We will be touring with them. 

 * Who are the band members now together with the one & only Eddie Spaghetti, band is now the trio, no original line up?

Metal Marty Chandler and Chris Von Streicher. The best supersuckers EVER. 

 * We were worried about Eddie`s health conditions last few years. Is evertyhing settled now? The cowboy hat man will keep rocking?

Yep. All good now. Thanks. 

* Established 1988. And 30 years after could see back over the shoulders over the decades – how was it and was it the most fun?

It’s been a crazy ride for sure. Mostly miserable but some fun in there too. 

* Named as the graetes rock and rol bend on the earth, but thats the title that Dwarves also use. And few more great bands as At The Drive In or so. Could you split it or?

At The Drive In? Really? Ugh. We’re not sharing anything with them I hope. The Dwarves are fucking GREAT though.
* Tell us about your favourite albums. We adore “La Mano Cornuda” from 1994. and that early period…
Glad you dig that one. I usually am the most fond of our most recent records of course. But I feel like we really starting hitting home runs again with Get The Hell and Holdin’ The Bag and our new one, Suck It, is continuing that tradition. 

 * You have been in Croatia many times, with the band and solo acoustic gigs. Are you remembering the shows and what are your impressions of the country?

 Croatia is surprisingly beautiful. I’m looking forward to going back!
* What may the audience expect this time? Greatest hits and maximum loud rock and roll or?
A little bit of everything I guess. Any requests?
* Yes, play “Born with the tail”…

Ivan Perić