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Kako je izgledala zadnja godina života Davida Bowieja: Rekonstrukcija zadnjeg perioda najvećeg kameleona pop glazbe

David Bowie died from cancer on January 10, 2016, leaving behind one of the most eclectic catalogs in music history.

Let’s take a look at what the last 12 months of Bowie’s life were like.

According to a statement on David Bowie’s official Facebook page announcing his death, the musician had been quietly battling cancer for 18 months. This means his health struggle began somewhere in mid-2014, though almost no one outside his close group of friends and collaborators even knew he was sick. Then again, much about Bowie’s life was secret by that point.

He’d largely stepped out of the public eye after the 2003 Reality tour, which was cut short after a blocked artery forced him into emergency heart surgery.

Keyboardist Mike Garson told Rolling Stone: “Three-quarters through the Reality tour, he said, ‘You know, Mike, after this tour, I’m just going to be a father and live a normal life […] ‘” Bowie stuck true to his word, never embarking on another tour or sitting down for a major interview. It took him a full decade to record another album, 2013’s The Next Day.

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What The Final 12 Months Of David Bowie’s Life Was Really Like.

He battled cancer for months | 0:11

David Bowie created a musical | 0:55

He promoted his back catalog | 1:56

The first peek at “Blackstar” | 2:36

His cancer continued spreading | 3:10

His final public appearance | 4:00

Active til the very end | 4:30

Blackstar’s release and Bowie’s death | 5:19