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USA Police Dept Morons: Kako policija zlostavlja ljude i uhićuje FBI agenta

That’s the funnest Sh** I’ve ever seen in my life and I loved every bit of it. Omg, they didn’t know what to think, damn this black man just played us big time and his over our head. The chief of police was like Ok, yeah they assumed you were someone else and put handcuffs on you, like yeah that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Then when the FBI agent told him he wanted his card and he said no, cause his officers didn’t tell him who the FBI agent was, now remember a few minutes before they were All big and bad.

They didn’t even try and hint to the chief about who this man was they were quiet as church mice.

Boy boy boy the chief hurried up and gave his card and then the others followed suit. Who’s the boys now, yeah a black man just shut ya’ll up. He cursed them out and they couldn’t do NOTHING about it. Ha, ha, ha, ha. (Lashaw Colbert)