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Mastodon: Fallen Torches – Heavy metal hard rock monsters don`t stop under the corona era

Haven’t yet seen anyone saying how the bridge section sounds like a straight up Neurosis song.
The instrumentals alone sound like classic Neurosis and then you add in Scott Kelly on top and you could convince me that section was written during the recording of Times of Grace. And then the outro riff that it leads into is soooo goddamn heavy. I would not be disappointed one bit if the actual new album was cut from the same cloth as this track. It is a perfect culmination of all the previous albums. The grunge from things like Remission, Leviathan and Call of the Mastodon, the clean choruses from Oblivion and the Hunter, the vague narrative from Emporer of sand and once more round the sun, and the changing tempo of blood mountain. Truly a full collaboration of previous musical knowledge and experience, good job. This is the best song they have put out since the “Crack the Skye” era. All four are swinging hard on the instrumental and Troy has finally found a new growl. As well as a great Scott Kelly feature. (Jackie Nihil)