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Mike Tyson back in the ring: Who gives a flying f…ck for a grudge match???

Legendary fighter Mike Tyson is back in the boxing game at 54. After few years of thinking and few months of negotiations he confirmed he will be fighting Roy Jones Jr. in Septmeber this year and he says he will be trying to knock out Roy Jones Jr. when they step in the ring.

But, most of all, who cares for grudge match and just another exhibition although he is also claiming his mentality is still “search and destroy”.

Also, the one thing fans need to know is that the match between them will be held under the modified rules and eventually that means old men are not allowed or suppeosed to hit as hard as it is expected and all of this smells as a rat job for naive consumers.

We are too far away from being thrilled for that comeback that looks more like WWE – a fake.