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Pharrell Williams feat Jay Z: Entrepreneur – Black men power pop rap music

As a young black man. I’ll admit. This was extremely inspiring. This year, I’ve lost 40lbs, invested in my first stocks, have raised my credit, started saving and will be returning to school online this fall. I’m not sure if I need the school, but I’ve worked so hard my company offered it for free. It feels more earned than a handout, so I’ll take it. 2020 has been bitter sweet- but control what you can control. For now, I can control moving forward. I can’t wait until the day that I can give back. This song has so much power it made me cry I’m black and proud and no matter how mad hard it is being black but I will never give up and thank you Pharrell and Jay Z. This is like a positive reality music,that shows how we adapt under any circumstances, as well takes power from the negative stereotypes about the children of Israel.

And to the people who think Jay “just woke up,” he’s been following a strict code of doing good in silence, behind the scenes. He and his team believe that doing good loses value when you publicize it, so a good 90% of the things he’s done, the lives he’s impacted, the people, businesses and communities he’s invested in…you’ll never hear about. Unless you’ve got some real inside knowledge or unless someone leaks it, you’re not gonna hear about it. But what you’re seeing in this video is just a culmination of what he’s been doing for at least the last 20 years. It didn’t just start when he did the 444 album and got the Basquiat twists, lol. But this is a time to be outspoken, so he’s speaking. “I’ve awakened just to try to school those putos following in my shoes with jewels froze….better adhere to this text before you go broke spending more than you’ve accrued on silly baguettes. I know silly begets silly, you’ll learn on your own, …at least my conscience is clear, I’m no longer steering you wrong.” That was SEVENTEEN years ago.

And now I hear a song about my life. I suppose I`m not alone in this. This combination of tho producer rap mega superstar will reach highest point the moment we stop countring millions on YouTube and start counting millions on our accounts brothers and sisters. (Derek Washington)