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DOP TV: This Is Paris – Official documentary of the first social influencer ever and the famous heiress

This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. You Tube Originals has premiered documentary about life of the famous heiress.

Paris became a “brand” when she was a teenager. She sold it, marketed it, packaged it & gave it to the world. This was during her formative years. She lost herself into that character.

Now as a 40 year old she’s having to focus on who she is as a person. That’s tough. The fact that she took a step back from the media was actually a smart move because made people “miss” her.

The Kardashians have been foreced down the public’s throat for more than a decade now, so people are getting bored now. So she is selling a documentary about her private life projecting a certain image trying to prove she is no longer the kind of person who market her private life making money by projecting a certain image?

This is the documentary of the first social influencer ever.