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Lady Gaga: 911 – When you have money, you don`t have no problems…

An attempt at reconstructing all the real world events metaphorically represented in the video:

0:13 – Stefani has been in an accident with her bike and she’s suffering from a concussion (the red sleeping mask) and a broken ankle (the red bracelet on it); Death (the dark horseman) begins alluring her;

0:46 – she begins hallucinating about the last things she saw before the accident (like the driver’s head banging on the airbag) and what’s happening around her in the real world;

0:49 – two firemen remove a door from the car;

0:54 – a bystander is watching the scene and checks on Stefani but she’s not responding;

1:07 – the male passenger is taken out of the car but he’s already dead, and the female passenger is mourning him;

1:09 – three other bystanders are watching the scene while a fireman is checking out the fire from the car’s engine (the cauldron);

1:17 – the paramedic and the doctor arrive on an helicopter (the umbrella);

1:19 – one of the bystanders takes a picture of it coming down;

1:36 – the paramedic checks the pulse of the male passenger and confirms he’s dead;

1:39 – the doctor covers the driver with a space blanket;

1:42 – Stefani loses consciousness (she puts a doll representing herself in a box, then a robotic arm covers our view of her for a second);

1:55 – the paramedic and a fireman give oxygen to the rich guy, who’s probably in shock;

1:57 – the doctor begins checking Stefani’s level of consciousness with a flashlight;

2:01 – she keeps slipping out of consciousness and is probably dying;

2:13 – the paramedic begins tourniqueting her leg;

2:17 – the pain brings her back to consciousness for a second;

2:18 – she begins having problems breathing (the headgear of the read dress represents a pair of lungs);

2:27 – the paramedic continues tourniqueting her leg;

2:31 – he begins giving her CPR; (2:34 – on the fireman hat one can read “9-1-1” in Roman numbers;)

2:38 – she’s not reacting to CPR and stops breathing (she walks away following the dark horseman, and the “lungs headgear” is gone); meanwhile a fireman keeps under control the sparks (the petals) coming from the movie theater’s lights (the peacock) and two policemen direct traffic; (on the bottom right one can also see the broken hydrant that has been hit by the car;)

2:43 – the doctor checks her heartbeat;

2:45 – the paramedic finishes tourniqueting her leg but she’s going into cardiac arrest;

2:51 – he continues to give her CPR but to no avail;

2:57 – she goes into cardiac arrest (represented by the flowery dark green suit, which might allude to entering a vegetative state); (3:00 – the Armenian word on the yellow tape means “caution”;)

3:04 – the paramedic brings in a defibrillator and two firemen put her on a stretcher;

3:20 – she’s on the brink of death (the dark horseman is now on a carousel horse as if he was having fun, and at

3:25 points a gun at her);

3:42 – the defibrillator is used on her and she‘s brought back to life. (Urizen)