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Kindt: Pixies Reimagined – Piano and strings versions of the cult classics

As a big fan of Pixies it has to be pretty exciting to work on and create project like ‘Pixies Reimagined’.
Thats what Kindt has done. He took some of his favourites and he streched them as naked as they may sound just for piaono and strings. “Reimagined” album consists of the stripped down and rearranged versions of the ten cult classics. Each song comes in two versions – just piano and piano plus strings.
You will hear mostly “Doolittle”, “Surfer Rosa/Comeon Pilgrim” and “Bossanova” tunes as “Gouge Away”, “Velouria”, “Holiday Song”, “Wave Of Mutilation”, “Tame”, “Where is My Mind”, the only song out of three masterpieces is “Catfish Kate”.
And they all sound pretty nice not just for those Boston U Mass fans. Take an hour and enjoy especially by night. (Sarah McCoughin)