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Euthanasia: Nick Cave – A brand new beautiful song by the Lord Of Darkness as the part of Idiot Prayer live album

“When you stepped out of the vehicle and attached yourself to my heart, it was a kind of dying, a kind of dying, dying of time…” says Nick Cave alone sitting by the piano at Alexandra`s Palace. Live album named “Idiot Prayer” will be released as a concert in video form and in album form for a few weeks, but the eternalness of his songs and variations stay still, any form he chooses.

This is a wonderful companion piece to Robert Graves’ ‘Counting the Beats’.

Every song of Nick Cave’s crafts its own world, universe, and it engrosses you immediately.

We haven`t yet hear a song of his that’s lacking in color—especially imagery. We are not in the present tense, we are in the past of the future, we are the byproduct of the future reality, just like this writing you are reading has become a information index on the binary digital world of our reality past and just like this song will live forever in the kinetic energy realm which can then be turned back into electric here on earth. I think that’s what the song was about. (Martha Fras)