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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: Letter To You – MOR classic to help you through the corona times

We gotta get one thing straight. The Boss is never gonna let you down. Whether you are drown out of the deadly fan base or just a passenger who passes by through the listeners life, you can not miss his albums and his songs.

Even if they all sound the same. Even if the times are changing but his music is not. Even if you think you have heard all of them songs a thousand times. And it was called “Magic” or “Wrecking Ball” or any of the album titles you will come to mind after hearing complete “Letter To You” for the first, second or the third time. After while all the songs are not going to sound the same and it will become your friends.

Your warm and close friends. The ones you need in the state of doubt and falling out of grace.

We have learned everything about the way they recorded it and it can be heard. The band is tight, the sound is warm, they all together looks so close and familiar to you as the listener from the first time you enter their world, doors will be wide opened. And that`s something worth of acknowledgement.

It`s his twentieth studio album and the first one since 2014. and “High Hopes”. The band assumed they would tour to support the record starting in early 2021 but those plans were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic; by the time of the release, Spingsteen estimated that the earliest they could perform live would be 2022. And that`s when the whole magic should be back again on the tracks.

From the beautiful ballad and opening track “One Minute Youre Here" and it`s presumed another part "...next one youre gone...", and the title track "Letter To You" all the way to the last one "I`ll see you in my Dreams" Boss delivers collection of the intimacy you can not miss. "If I Was The Priest", "Last Man Standing" salute to his loneliness and the figure of the last American rock and roll hero who will survive with a little help from his friends. Millions. You. (Robert Galveson)