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Gorillaz feat Beck: Valley Of The Pagans – Hype is real, work it out baby on the plastic beach

The hype when we saw plastic beach and then The Lost Cord began playing, this next song machine will be such a vibe for sure especially since the lost cord itself matches the whole plastic beach vibe.

Gorillaz, Albarn and Beck are not giving us the best of them but the concept is still so hot and cool that the hype is got to be real.

Customization guide for making this car in the game: -The car itself is a Declasse Vigero, available on Southern San Andreas Superautos -Hood: Single Intake Bug Catcher -Lights: Xenon Lights, no neon -Plate: Yellow on Black -Respray: Matte Black -Roll Cage: None -Spoiler: Drag Wing -Suspension: As low as you can go -Wheel Type: Gooch (under “Lowrider”) -Wheel Color: Use Chrome Rims -Tires: No custom tires -Wheelie Bar: None -Windows: Limo If I got anything wrong, lemme know with a reply. Otherwise, enjoy your new car! (Binge Man Raycliff)