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Fiona Apple: Shameika – There`s a girl named Shhhh….

New animated video for brand new Fiona Apple singl “Shameika” is out.

Apparently, the voice at the beginning is Shameika. And Shameika Stepney just released a song called “Shameika Said” that features Fiona.

Remember when she sang “My pretty mouth will frame the phrases…” etc.? Now the animated phrases are framing her mouth which is framing phrases. Such a cool video and so dynamic despite the limited elements. Fiona is able to write songs that many of us deeply resonate with, she expresses her thoughts is such a poetic, smart and eloquent way, so honest but somehow manages not to make it those truths embarrassing, she’s really a full poet. oh, and the way she sings, raw and tender and expressive,

We all could use someone like Shameika in our lives. Also, we should be like Shameika whenever possible. (Zazuka Bong)