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Billie Joe Armstrong: No Fun Mondays – Green Day frontman covers old stuff cause he`s got nothing to do

“It`s 1969 and I don`t care…” once sang Iggy Pop as the frontmen of  The Stooges making ways for the punk music to step in.

Well, its 2020 and everybody cares and one sloppy punk frontman in the absence of his primar band Green Day is recording the covers of the melodic pop rock songs, as millions does before him. And thats really ybout it.

Everything you need or do not need to know about this music (non)adventure. It doesn hurt so bad. But it surely does not makes you feel pretty happy ybout his covers of Manic Monday, I Think We`re Alone Now, Corpus Christi or Kids In America.

Listen to the originals, believe me, it`s so much better option. (Dalek Chomsky)