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Smashing Pumpkins: CYR – Billy Corgan in the soft synth pop rock adventure

This is the story of the new Smashing Pumpkins album.

About to keep a losing streak. About not to keep anything for the legacy of the bad itself. But you know, some might say, it`s not all as it sounds on the first listening.

Smashing Pumpkins has been rejoined for the first time after 16 years since the original line up broke up. Except of course D’Arcy Wretzky, bass player with the bad bad bad blood towards the egomaniac frontmen.

Nowdays, SP are making contemporary and soft and modern music. Thats sounds pretty mellow, just as they did years and years ago. But we have a news for you. It`s actually not that bad at all.

Read reviews: Bad. Hear music: Awesome. Read another review: Terrible. Listen again: Even better.

Colour Of Love, ‘Cyr’, ‘Birch Grove’, ‘Ramona’, ‘The Hidden Sun’, ‘Starrcraft’, ‘Wrath’, ‘Adrennalynne’ are almost all synth driven modern pop songs that sound like they were written for the 90.-es generation that has been born in the 2020. But does someone like that actually exists? Unfortunatelly this album will be forgotten as the victim of 2020 as many many others. And you will keep returning to the early days when SP sounded like SP whatever that really means. (Dalek Chomsky)