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Idles: Kill Them With Kindness – Save the best for the last

Story about the puppy and the snake is the story about the world today. And we had a chance to see it before the preimere. Brand new video and single from the magnificent new album “Ultra Mono” is named “Kill Them With Kindness”. In another animated video (like for “Model Village” by Gondry brothers) “kindness” tune epitomizes the bands ethos by providing a soothing transition with its a slick fake-out start.

Entrance to the song will probably try to make you sleep. And then kapow. You will hear  a gentle lullaby piano before it bursts into the gnarly beat freaking ride.

“If you want to beat the machine, keep your teeth clean” sang Joe Talbot when speaking to the next generation audience. Kill. Them. With. Kindness. Not. Ignorance. (Joanna Blakowitz)