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Arctic Monkeys: Arabella – Live At Royal Albert Hall sounds like good not old rock and roll

Arctic Monkeys are back. At least with the new live album. Out today announced as the completely charity album cause all proceeds are meant to be donated to War Child UK organisation. In that name it`s pretty hard to look and listen to the “Arabella” from ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall.’ any way different but with a tone of respect.

“Arabella’s got some interstellar gator skin boots And a Helter Skelter ’round her little finger, and I ride it endlessly. She’s got a Barbarella silver swimsuit And when she needs to shelter from reality She takes a dip in my daydreams My days end best when the sunset gets itself behind…” Alex Turner sounds pretty sexy and masculine at the same time. This tune reminds you to stop and take a look behind 2020. and remember how new and not old good rock and roll sounded like. (Baby Torrence)