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The White Stripes Extra Special: Animated Yule Log Video – Merry Xmass In A Completely Different Light

Merry X mass people. Here is something different instead. Put a White Stripes spin on the holiday season and enjoy the new Yule Log animated video & music mix featuring 90 minutes of Greatest Hits songs, classic acoustic tracks, rarities, b-sides and of course original Christmas song “Candy Cane Children”. Enjoy full length. This is incredible.

0:01 Candy Cane Children

2:27 White Moon

6:27 A Martyr for My Love for You

10:45 I’m Finding It Harder To Be a Gentleman

13:41 Wasting My Time

15:55 Suzy Lee

19:16 We’re Going to Be Friends

21:38 In The Cold, Cold Night

24:36 The Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise

27:50 Boy’s Best Friend

32:10 Do

35:15 City Lights

40:05 The Same Boy You’ve Always Known

43:15 This Protector

45:25 Hotel Yorba

47:33 As Ugly As I Seem

51:43 I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother’s Heart

55:00 Little Bird

58:08 I’m Slowly Turning Into You

1:02:40 Sister, Do You Know My Name?

1:05:30 I’m Bound to Pack It Up

1:08:39 Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn

1:11:45 The Union Forever

1:15:10 The Nurse

1:19:00 Well It’s True That We Love One Another

1:21:39 My Doorbell

1:25:40 Apple Blossom

1:27:55 You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket