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St. Vincent: Pay Your Way In Pain – When David Bowie`s “Fame met “Here Comes The Rain Again” by Eurythmics

It appears Annie Clark has entered her Young Americans era and decided to mash up David Bowie`s “Fame” with synth riff from “Here Comes The Rain Again” by Eurythmics. And then break it all in a slow and melt down way. I can also imagine  this song came together probably somehow like this: Annie was sipping a White Russian one evening, mid-pandemic, while watching an episode of “The Deuce” with Beck’s “Midnite Vultures” on the turntable. She dozed off as “Peaches & Cream” started playing, and when she woke up, she was wearing one of Mick Jagger’s “Goat’s Head Soup”- era suits and clutching the keys to a ’74 Eldorado with a note attached: “She shimmies if you drive her over 55 mph…”. Either way St. Vincent is one of the probably sexiest artists alive. (Dave Bruckning)