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DOP TV: Filthy Cheaters Live – Sex Pistols unlikely reunion 25 years ago

Afterthe Sx Pistols implosion in 1978 during a tour across America it seemed highly unlikely the band would ever reunite. Their tour across America was a disaster.

Rather than playing the major metropolitan hubs of the east and west coast, manager Malcolm McLaren booked dates across the south because he knew the crowds would be hostile.

Couple that with Infighting, fights with crowds and photographers, Sid Vicious drug addiction it was a powder keg and surely enough it came to a head during a January 1978 show in San Francsico with Johnny Rotten famously telling the crowd Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” Most people thought a Sx Pistols reunion was unlikely.’ Soon enough the band was done, the following year Sid Vicious passed away with the remaining members founding new musical projects.

Lydon would go on to found Public Image Ltd, while drummer Paul Cook and guitarist Steve Jones starting the Professionals. But almost 2 decades later, the remaining members of Sx Pistols announced their reunion. So what changed? That’s what were gonna talk about in today’s video.

On March 16, 1996 a press conference was held in London at the 100 club where the Sx Pistols announced their reunion. While a lot of bands don’t like to say money was a motivating factor in them reuniting, the Sx Pistols were pretty blunt about it.

John Lydon would tell reporters We’ve found a common cause, and that’s your money,”“Not much has changed,” “Through the years, we’ve all gone off and done different things. Left it up to others to go make waves. Nobody out there has done bollocks all to change this world. So, hello, here it is, part two. And quite frankly the Sex Pistols never really finished properly. And that’s what this is about.”

During the press conference bassist Glen Matlock revealed how the members still and i quote “hated each other with a vengeance.” while Lydon claimed he vacuumed sid vicious ashes. Things did get a bit tense during the press conference when one reporter questioned the band about their reunion claiming it was a stark reversal for the band as Lydon in the past claimed no reunion would be possible without Sid icious. Lydon responded saying “We invented punk. We write the rules, and you follow. Not the other way around.”

“These are the original members,”.

“Sid was nothing more than an empty coathanger to fill an empty spot onstage.” Dubbed the Filthy Lucre tour the band played 78 dates across europe and north america and south america and it would turn out to be a huge success raking in over $20 million.

The band did their best to avoid any complications or infighting that could derail the tour going as far to travel in separate buses, stay in different hotels and even take different planes. Despite the tours success Jones would tell the New York Dialy News We’ve done reunions in the past. We did a big one in 1996. We did a hundred shows, made a bit of dough, but we wanted to off ourselves at the end. We really don’t make enough to put up with each other. Lydon would reveal to Billboard a year after the tour that the band members behavior towards one another hadn’t changed from the old days and he claimed after the band’s last show in chile no one even said goodbye to one another.

But Lydon also claimed that while the money was good he needed teh extra cash to help finish his solo debut record Psycho’s Path The band would put out a live record from the tour titled Filthy Lucre live but it failed to crack the album charts in america. “Back in 1996, there was a bit of talk about it,” he told NME. “Me, Steve [Jones] and Paul [Cook] [wanted to] but John thought shy of it. I don’t know why, maybe he thought stuff that he’d written didn’t match up to [the past] and that [the band’s legacy] might be diminished by it somehow.”