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DOP TV: Loser interview – Ben Askren about life after loss from Jake Paul

Ben Askren joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss his TKO loss vs. Jake Paul.

0:00 Ben Askren discusses his loss to Jake Paul.

1:57 Does he regret taking the fight?

3:00 If he’s more embarrassed about this than the Jorge Masvidal fight.

5:23 If his opinions about Paul have changed after the fight.

6:50 Did he train for the fight and is he bothered by people insinuating he didn’t?

9:40 His reaction to people saying it was rigged.

11:54 How the fight came about after his retirement.

13:19 Whether he thought about using some MMA skills.

15:07 Anything he wishes he did differently?

16:51 How Paul’s power compares to other shots Askren has taken.

20:07 What was going through his mind when he got to the arena.

23:01 On the Pete Davidson situation.

26:12 Did he go back and watch the fight?

28:27 On the size of the ring.

30:35 Whether this was bigger than anything he’s been a part of.

32:01 Why do people care so much about Paul’s boxing?

33:05 On Nate Robinson reaching out to him.

34:19 Whom Paul should fight next.

35:43 Whether he made more with this fight than any night in his MMA career.

37:08 On Paul’s “cheerleading squad.”

38:50 Where he ranks among the greatest U.S. wrestlers ever.

40:00 Is he worried this will be his legacy?

41:44 How he learned to handle defeat