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Hania Rani: Soleil Pale – Instrumental for the dreaming of Paris

“Soleil Pâle” is an art project between Hania Rani, @Neels Castillon and dance duo Alt Take, based on a shift towards improvisation and spontaneity. Instrumental piece of her upcoming album ‘Music for Film and Theatre’ is the peace sign sound. And it feels so relaxing and good. 

The creative process was a desire to return to the joy of observing “here and now”, with no plans for the future. Music, dance and image express this one fleeting moment that cannot be repeated again, born out of trust, movement and intuition. Art communicates by itself, it does not need interpretation. The manifesto comes silently, unspoken – floating with the rays of the pale sun over Paris.

Music by Hania Rani. Directed by Neels Castillon. Dancers — Alt Take (Marion Bardeau & Simon Leborgne). (PR)