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Ashe & Finneas: Till Forever Falls Apart – Beautiful pop chorus about the lovers and forevers

Finneas is a producer and a singer songwriter with very witty sense of pop melody.

We all know about him through his masterwork with his superstar sister Billie Eilish. And a young singer Ashe is still no threat to Billie. But she is also beautiful pop model worth of listening and trying for.

The pattern of the 3 cords descending in the chorus and throughout just simply depicts the relationship that is falling apart. It is also the most consistent part of the song, mixed with the ups/downs of the tempo and the highs/lows of their voices… reminding us the overall theme that something is still falling apart.

This song is literally just another way of saying “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.

The way it’s so platonic makes it so much better, it makes it feel like they’re both relating in different ways instead of being apart of the same story. (RC Perez)