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Fiona Apple: Love More – Epic covers of Sharon Van Etten

“Epic Ten” is a series of cover songs from the 2010 Sharon Van Etten album “epic”. Translated: Drop dead sad, breathless, simple, beautiful.

Every time I listen to Fiona I feel I owe her something that I am afraid I will never be able to pay. Listened four times this morning after a night of nightmares about my ex husband and marriage of 23 years. The more time I get away from the abuse the more I realize the love within me that always existed and as always Fiona Apple has a beautiful song to express how I feel. If everyone knew how much bullsh*t she has endured outside of the public’s peripheral they’d build a monument in her name. The expected servitude put on artists is almost otherworldly. The fact that it never killed her “heart” and she has still been able to create life-saving work makes her our hero. (Hayden Williams)