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Billie Eilish as a Kurt Cobain of her generation: Pop analysis of the Dave Grohl`s claim

Teenage pop star is a Kurt Cobain of her generation, says Dave Grohl, drummer of Nirvana and a frontman/singer of Foo Fighters. One of the most popular American vlogers Rick Beato.

Billie recorded Ocean Eyes at 13 years old. Finneas wrote that one. He was 16. That was her actual first single. No record label involved. They put it on soundcloud for the members of her dance team to use and it blew up.

Billie Eilish has a similar cultural significance and impact. And for the naysayers, it’s an analogy (and one made by Dave Grohl no less), the style of music or whether she writes it all herself is irrelevant. She’s playing real music with minimal interference from outside sources…and like Nirvana, she seemingly came out of nowhere and reached the top of the charts, replacing much more manufactured slick pop and hip hop projects made by committee.

Billie and her brother are just writing “real” songs, like most everyone use to do, right? She has been able to break through with success in this day and age, it’s refreshing. No point in comparing her with anyone else, music is completely subjective anyway, everyone has likes and dislikes. She has the ability to express herself so thoroughly and honestly through her music that many people not only are believing her but they can share some of her feelings and find some of their own therein.

Finneas isn’t just a good producer. But an incredibly talented song writer and musician in his own right. She is the face, and the voice, and an unbelievable talent, absolutely (and a great writer, and visionary). But they are a duo. Classically trained and experienced. And they have their finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist. They compliment each other, and I don’t think they could be where they are without each other.