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Billie Eilish: Lost Cause – Young, blonde, talented and different teen pop star

The main thing Billie Eilish had to do with her new post corona album was to convince the parents of her fans that she is not dark person. Therefore all those image changes and possible indicative questions why does she does all of this changes?

New album “Happier Than Ever” is out at the end of this month and she prepared the fans for little sound changes also.

“Therefore I Am” was a blonder pumper stomper from the empty hall and “Your Power” was brilliant ballad. Now, the third single “Lost cause” is a girl party anthem. Alternative tune for everyone used to feel pop music as never heard before. The album attack is about to land down with this catch girly girly pop up tune.

Billie is still irresistible and catchy as she is supposed to be. Finneas room production still kicks asses and all the good things are about to get new sound dimension if judging by the incoming tunes. Billie sounds sticky, relevant, different, unstoppable. (Gloria Polyrhymes)