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Fantano versus Billie Eilish & Olivia Rodrigo: Music critics against pop stars

Anthony Fantano is one of the most influental music critics of the 21s Century and his music vlogs are the most clickable, that are the facts. Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo are two rising pop stars. Billie Eilish works just fine with her new single “Lost Cause” and what about Disney pop star Olivia Rodrigo.  We thought an “industry plant” was a super specific thing — Like, the formation of Peter, Paul & Mary was literally a producer thinking “Anti-war folk music is really taking off… Let’s get in on this!” and then he auditioned people to form a specific group that he, the industry insider, planned from the start. There’s also an element of deception there since, to the public, they seemed indie. Disney stars are really different, imo… but there’s no Wikipedia page for the term so I have no idea if others think it means the same thing I do.